Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

  • Assess threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your organisation
  • Conduct compliance audits against security provisions or mandates required by your industry.
  • Evaluate the use of electronic security systems and their applicability.
  • Review your physical security policy and procedural documents.
  • Review and analyse the use of personnel for a balanced approach to staff and electronic security.
  • Analyze your travel, protocols, procedures and safe practices.
  • Assess, analyse and security audit the relevant facility.

Our diverse experience enables us to refine our operational techniques to provide the most practical and effective security programs available.  Our range of protective services includes threat assessments, security surveys, residential and personal protection, freight escorts and couriers. We also carry out

  • Corporate intelligence
  • Individual background checks
  • Corporate due-diligence
  • Risk analysis

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Markhor Ltd is a subsidiary of Secure Academy Inc. registered in Ontario, Canada.